“Gurinder Chadha’s first film was an 11 min short which documents an Indian-English family’s attempt to give their Briticized daughter a traditional Indian arranged marriage, with as much photography as possible. Set in the London home of an Indian family on the morning of their daughter’s wedding, A Nice Arrangement takes a wry look at the most prominent Indian obsession — marriage. Meena, the young bride, changes into her traditional bridal gear with the help of her divorced friend, Sita. Together, the women explore why they chose to marry the “”perfect”” cultural choice for their parents.

Director Gurinder Chadha

Writer Gurinder Chadha, Meera Syal

Cast Tania Rodrigues, Meera Syal, Jamila Massey, Kaleem Janjua

Producers Nadine Marsh-Edwards

Production Credits British Screen Productions, Film Four International, Umbi Films

Gurinder Chadha

Festival Section Year Location
Cannes Film Festival