BAFTA Award winning short from FilmFour’s Short and Curlies series: a housing worker in Scotland visits three council homes in a day and finds unexpected dark comedy behind the door of each place he visits. The director shoots in a desolate urban landscape, wittily filming the segues like a patronising stranger finding beauty in poverty in a third world village – a drunk man seems to dance when he tries to shake a newspaper from his foot; children play in the sparkling spray of a burst water pipe and all to a soundtrack of mournful but upbeat Klezmer music . Witty, warm and darkly comic, the film deserves the recognition it attracted at various film festivals. Morag McKinnon has gone on to make weird and wonderful short films which she shares on youtube. recommended for use as an extra on ORPHANS; THE ACID HOUSE.

Director Morag McKinnon


Cast Russell Anderson, Malcolm Shields


Production Credits

Morag McKinnon