16 July 2013

Max Landis casts ME HIM HER leads

By otm

Max Landis Casts Me Him Her Leads

Dustin Milligan, Luke Bracey and Emily Meade win the main roles

We first felt a disturbance in the force when the chaos lord of Twitter (and accomplished writer ofChronicle and more) Max Landis announced he was preparing to direct one of his scripts, theReality Bites-style Me Him Her. He’s rounded up some actors happy to undergo his megalomaniacal megaphoning, with Dustin Milligan, Luke Bracey and Emily Meade all aboard.

Me Him Her is described as a comedy about sexual identity with three friends exploring love, lust and… sword combat? Yes, you read that right. Well, it is Landis The Younger after all.

“It’s completely different than anything I’ve ever written. You usually find me writing what I like to think of as intelligent summer action and genre films,” Landis said in a statement picked up by The Wrap. “This is deeply personal, and at its most basic level, a generational story about relationships and identity.”

“Max’s boundless imagination has dreamt up a fantastical world in which real people confront very real emotional issues in a very moving story that is hysterically funny to boot,” producers Peter Saraf and Marc Turtletaub added. “We are very excited to bring the full Max Landis experience to film lovers everywhere.”

The filmkicks off shooting later this month in Los Angeles. Landis has several other irons in the Holly-fire right now, including his Frankenstein script, fantasy pic Woogles and the Chroniclesequel.

Source: http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=38083