1 March 2016

Poster Arrives for The Ones Below

By otm

A brand new and exclusive poster arrives for psychological thriller ‘The Ones Below.’

A brand new and exclusive poster has arrived for The Ones Below, the upcoming psychological thriller from British screenwriter and filmmaker David Farr, as part of an exclusive poster launch.

The film follows a thirty-something London couple Kate (Cle?mence Poe?sy) and Justin (Stephen Campbell Moore) who are expecting their first child together. Initially excited for the next step in their lives, Kate soon begins to doubt her capability as a mother, harbouring deep-rooted fears about her ability to love a child. A fellow expectant couple Jon (David Morrissey) and Theresa (Laura Birn) move into the empty apartment below and the women become good friends. However, their friendship is tested one night when a tragic accident comes their way.


The Ones Below marks Farr’s directorial debut who has gained recent success for helming the script for Joe Wright’s Hanna (2011) and the recent BBC series The Night Manager (2016-). The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Ones Below is released in UK cinemas 11 March 2016

Source: http://film3sixtymagazine.com/posters-arrives-for-the-ones-below/