29 July 2014

The Lobster Receives NFP Incentive

By otm

New Netherlands production incentive supports first 34 film projects

28 July, 2014 | By Michael Rosser

Yorgos Lanthimos’s The Lobster, Peter Greenaway’s Eisenstein In Guanajuato and Alex van Warmerdam’s Schneider vs. Bax among those to receive a share of €8.5m ($11.4m) from the new Netherlands Film Production Incentive.

A total of 34 film projects have received funding totaling €8.5m ($11.4m) from the budget of the new Netherlands Film Production Incentive.

It is anticipated that these projects will generate €47.9m ($64.6m) in Netherlands-based production expenditure.

Some 21 of the 34 successful applicants were international co-productions of feature films and documentaries, in which a Dutch producer has a majority or minority stake.

Productions include The Night Of A Thousand Hours by screenwriter/director Virgil Widrich, a co-production between Austria (Amour Fou Vienna), Luxembourg (Amour Fou Luxembourg) and The Netherlands (KeyFilm);The Lobster by director/screenwriter Yorgos Lanthimos, a co-production between Ireland (Element Pictures), France (Haut et Court), Greece (Faliro House), UK (Scarlet Films) and The Netherlands (Lemming Film); andSchneider vs. Bax by director/screenwriter Alex van Warmerdam, a co-production between The Netherlands (Graniet Film) and Belgium (Czar TV).

Late last year, the Dutch Government decided to introduce a film specific measure in the form of a cash rebate in order to promote a healthy production environment in the Netherlands, and to strengthen the international competitiveness of the Dutch film industry.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Netherlands Film Fund designed the new measures after extensive consultation with the film industry. The Production Incentive scheme was launched alongside the new Netherlands Film Commission at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Doreen Boonekamp, CEO of the Netherlands Film Fund, said: ”We can already see the beneficial effect of the Production Incentive, even after the first round. It is an excellent tool to attract international productions to the Netherlands and to facilitate increased activity for national productions.

“In this way we can help develop the talent pool of creative and technical film professionals, and film companies, within the Dutch audiovisual sector.”

The amount of financial contribution granted for feature films or animated feature-length documentaries under the new Production Incentive scheme is up to 30% of qualifying production costs that are demonstrably spent in the Netherlands.

The deadline for the next round of Incentive Funding is September 2, 2014, for which a budget of €6m ($8.1m) has been allocated.

The Lobster €71.393
Director: Yorgos Lanthimos
Script: Efthymis Filippou /Yorgos Lanthimos
Dutch co-production company: Lemming Film B.V. 
Production company: Element Pictures (IE)
Co-production company: Faliro House (GR), Scarlet Films (UK), Haut et Court (FR)

International Sales: Protagonist Pictures

Source: http://www.screendaily.com/news/dutch-production-scheme-backs-34/5075660.article?blocktitle=HEADLINES&contentID=40295