Following the death of her father, Alice (Ruth Wilson) returns home to Yorkshire for the first time in 15 years, to claim the tenancy of the family farm she believes is rightfully hers.  Once there she encounters her older brother Joe (Mark Stanley) a man she barely recognizes, worn down by years of struggling to keep the farm going whilst caring for their sick father.  Joe is thrown by Alice’s sudden arrival, angered by her claim and finds her presence increasingly impossible to deal with.  Battling to regain control in a fraught and fragile situation, Alice must confront traumatic memories and family betrayals to find a way to restore the farm and salvage the bond with her brother before both are irrevocably lost.

Director Clio Barnard

Writer Remove term: Clio Barnard Clio Barnard

Cast Ruth Wilson, Mark Stanley, Sean Bean

Producers Tracy O'Riordan

Production Credits Ameenah Ayub Allen - Line Producer, Meroë Candy - Executive Producer, Julie Clark - Production Executive, Lizzie Francke - Executive Producer, Rose Garnett - Executive Producer, Andy Harries - Executive Producer, Hugo Heppell - Executive Producer, Suzanne Mackie - Executive Producer, Lila Rawlings - Executive Producer, Tracie Wright - Line Producer, Film4, Wellcome Trust, Left Bank Pictures, Moonspun Films, BFI, Screen Yorkshire

Clio Barnard

Clio Barnard has established herself as one of the UK’s most distinctive cinematic voices following rave reviews and awards for her feature-length debut The Arbor, a documentary about the late Bradford poet Andrea Dunbar, as well as her sophomore feature The Selfish Giant. The latter film followed two scrappy 13-year-old working-class friends in Bradford seeking fortune by getting involved with a local scrap dealer and criminal. The film was a critical darling on its release, launching at Directors' Fortnight in Cannes and winning the best British film of the year at the London Critics Circle Film Awards along with a whole host of other festival awards.