Paramour is inspired by the true story of the BMW Heiress Susanne Flatten (Kristin Scott Thomas), both blessed and cursed by her family’s heritage and wealth. She is a powerful woman who chooses to lead a reclusive existence away from the limelight. When the mysterious and seductive Helg Sgarbi enters her life, they embark upon a passionate, illicit affair – but once she is well and truly hooked, Helg reveals his sinister true intentions.

Director Alexandra-Therese Keining


Cast KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS (Darkest Hour, My Old Lady, Sarah's Key)

Producers AMY RAPP (Tower, Return); JOE NEURAUTER (The Hallow, Madame Bovary); PHILIPP KREUZER (Last Love, Death of a Superhero)

Production Credits Meredith Vieira Productions / Occupant Entertainment

Alexandra-Therese Keining