Bunny King (Davis), a headstrong mother of two with a sketchy past, earns her keep by washing windows at traffic lights. Using her razor-sharp wit to charm money from gridlocked motorists, she saves every cent to get back the custody of her kids. After promising  her daughter a birthday party, Bunny must fight the social services and break the rules to keep her word, but in doing so risks losing her children altogether. Accompanied by her niece Tonya (Thomasin McKenzie), a fierce teenager running away from home, Bunny is in a race against the clock and headed towards an epic showdown with the authorities.

Director Gaysorn Thavat

Writer Sophie Henderson

Cast Essie Davis, Thomasin McKenzie

Producers Emma Slade

Production Credits Firefly Films

Gaysorn Thavat

Festival Section Year Location
Tribecca 2021Official Selection2021