After his wife dies, 55-year-old businessman Philip Emmenthal, at the prompting of his playboy son Storey, populates his Geneva villa with eight and a half concubines. Three are from Kyoto, where Storey manages Pachinco palaces. Each has a distinctive personality: a nun, a child bearer, a gambler, a student of Kabuki, a horsewoman with a pet pig, a maid. Philip throws off his strait-laced and repressed attitudes, immersing himself in pleasure. After about a year, the women begin to assert their own power. Side adventures pre-figure the household’s breakup, and the women depart in one way or another, one at at time. Philip’s fate is in the hands of Palmira, his favourite.

Director Peter Greenaway

Writer Peter Greenaway

Cast Amanda Plummer, John Standing; Vivian Wu, Toni Collette

Producers Kees Kasander-Producer

Production Credits Bob Bellion - Co-Producer, Jimmy de Brabant - co-producer, Terry Glinwood.- Executive Producer, Bob Hubar.- Executive Producer, Michael Pakleppa.- Co- Producer, Kosaku Wada - Line producer, Denis Wigman.- Executive Producer, Woodline Productions, Movie Masters, Delux Productions, Continent Film GmbH, Kasander & Wigman Productions

Peter Greenaway

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