On the run from a couple of hit-men, young Johnny ,tune escapes from a life in basement poolrooms to become a dancing bear with the strangest Punch and Judy man in the business. Johnny Fortune (Damon Lowry) may be no good to anyone, but he’s not particularly mean about it. After all, he left his girlfriend behind because the men from the casino were after him for stealing money, not her. He flees to England and becomes part of a small-time Punch and Judy act. His job is to advertise the show by parading around in a bear suit. This is okay by him, as the costume is a pretty effective hiding place. Eventually the casino’s hired thugs track him down, and things heat up a bunch. It’s lucky for him that the puppet show is run by a couple of really resourceful people (Tom Waits and Julia Britton who have become his friends. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi

Director Ana Guedes

Writer Ann Guedes, Eduardo Guedes

Cast Tom Waits, Damon Lowry, Charlotte Coleman, Julia Britton, Bill Paterson, Isabel Ruth, Ian Dury

Producers Leontine Ruette

Production Credits British Screen Productions, Cinema Action, Film Four International

Ana Guedes