A middle class housewife (JANE ASHER) is shocked to discover that her husband is bisexual and having an affair with a man. She finds out through her husband’s lover, that her husband had a period of promiscuity 3 years before which may have led to infection with HIV, but he has never been tested and continued sleeping with her as normal. She embarks on a journey of discovery, having an HIV test herself and befriending an AIDS sufferer who is too far progressed in his illness to be treated by the new drugs. Discovering a compassion, strength and dignity in herself that she previously wasn’t aware of, even in the face of betrayal, she doesn’t leave her husband, but rather tries to persuade him to confront his past and his present, and take the test himself.

Director Stephen Whittaker

Writer  David Cook 

Cast Jane Asher

Producers Jennifer Howarth

Production Credits Arden Films, Channel 4 Television Corporation

Stephen Whittaker

Festival Section Year Location
San Francisco
Int'l Gay and Lesbian Pride Film Fest Tampa
Chicago L&G
Austin L&G Film Festival