Tired of her husband’s philanderous ways, the mother of two daughters drowns her husband. With the reluctant help of the local coroner, the murder is obscured. Her daughters are having similar problems with relationships, and tend to follow their mother’s example, and the coroner becomes reluctantly duplicitous. As the plot progresses, visual and spoken numbers appear in the scenes, counting from one to 100. this film was the first theatrical feature ever to be broadcast in the prestigious Masterpiece Theatre on PBS in the USA.

Director Peter Greenaway

Writer Peter Greenaway

Cast Joely Richardson, Juliet Stevenson, Joan Plowright

Producers Kees Kasander, Denis Wigman

Production Credits Peter Jaques- Line Producer, Film Four International, Elsevier-Vendex Film Beheer, Allarts Production, Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep, Stimuleringsfonds Nederlandse Culturele Omroepproducties

Peter Greenaway