After years of touring have taken George Ezra to the furthest corners of the world, END TO END is a musical journey closer to home. Joined by his best friends Adam and Christy, the musician embarks on a 1200 mile walk across the UK from Land’s End, the most southerly point of England, to John O’Groats, the northern tip of Scotland.

Part tour film, part travelogue, George reflects on his incredible career and revisits his musical milestones, while performing heartfelt acoustic renditions of his biggest hits and showcasing new songs in some of the most stunning locations across the country. A joyous celebration of the emotional impact of live music that’s been so sorely missing from our lives for the last two years, END TO END is a love letter to the UK and its music. 

Director Christy Tattershall & Adam Scarborough

Writer unscripted

Cast George Ezra

Producers Fiona Neilson, Richard Yee, Catherine Miller

Production Credits Mint Pictures, Me + You Productions, Hurley Pictures, Paint Studios

Christy Tattershall & Adam Scarborough

Adam Scarborough and Christy Tattershall grew up together on the south coast of England, in West Dorset. In 2011 Adam moved to Bristol for university, where he met and began living with George. Adam’s obsession with photography and documentation, coupled with Georges love of performing and music meant that the pair began recording everything from the very beginning. Christy’s regular appearances at the house meant the three quickly became friends, often attending open-mic-nights together across the city. It goes without saying that George was a big hit; getting signed and leaving Bristol to pursue his music career. Witnessing George’s success was the driving force behind Christy chasing a dream and quitting his job to study Filmmaking at university, subsequently winning four Royal Television Society awards whilst there. Adam, who had finished his degree, was looking for more challenging mediums beyond photography. Living with Christy in Bristol, they decided to create a production company from their bedrooms – now known as Paint Studios. Starting with local musicians and companies in Bristol and Dorset, they began creating videos and branded content. Fast forward to present day and Paint Studios works with all three major record labels, and a host of independents – promoting their artists, travelling on tour, creating album artwork and directing music videos throughout campaigns. Adam, with the help of Christy, exclusively handled all content on tour with George for the entire Staying At Tamara’s campaign, documenting everything and constantly innovating to make George’s media sing. Championing an ethos of authenticity and simplicity, Paints approach has repeatedly out-competed bloated budgets and unnecessary crew. A few big moments have been Guardian G2 and Music Week covers, shooting Georges most viewed music video (250 million) on a £4,000 budget, and having content repeatedly go viral (with even the Venga Boys getting involved!). Paint Studios has now evolved, working also as a branding and marketing company; working with clients to help them realise a vision, from idea conception, through creative and onto online distribution across all platforms. In 2021 they filmed their first feature film END TO END with George Ezra