Aaron, a young misfit in a remote Scottish community, is the lone survivor of a strange fishing accident that claimed the lives of five men including his older brother. Spurred on by sea-going folklore and local superstition, the village blames Aaron for this tragedy, making him an outcast amongst his own people. Steadfastly refusing to believe that his brother is dead, and possessed by gried, madness and magic, Aaron sets out to recover him.

Director Paul Wright

Writer Paul Wright

Cast George MacKay, Kate Dickie, Michael Smiley, Nichola Burley

Producers Mary Burke, Polly Stokes

Production Credits Katherine Butler - Executive Producer, Robin Gutch - Executive Producer, Hugo Heppell - Executive Producer, Mark Herbert - Executive Producer, Karl Liegis - Line Producer, Barry Ryan - Co-Producer, Warp X, Warp Films, Film4

Paul Wright

Paul Wright's first short film was Hikikomori, which won the Scottish BAFTA for Best New Work followed by a BAFTA nomination in 2007 for Best Short Film and won Best Drama Award at the Royal Television Society awards (2007). In 2008 he made Believe, which won the Golden Leopard for Best International Short Film at Locarno (2009), as well as major awards at Winterthur and Leeds International Film Festival. His next short, Photos Of God, was selected for the 2010 Berlin Film Festival. Paul’s graduation film, Until The River Runs Red, won the BAFTA for Best Short Fiction Film in 2011. For Those In Peril is his debut feature.