The film focuses on a dwindling summer night’s party, at which the characters gather for the first time since high school graduation. As the night’s activities take their toll, the immaturity level rises, the profanity flies and of course the drunken brawl breaks out. It will be a night to remember although some would wish to forget.

Director Sean Baker

Writer Sean Baker

Cast David Ari, Henry Beylin, Fred Berman

Producers Koorosh Yaraghi

Production Credits Cre Film

Sean Baker

Sean Baker is one of most respected filmmakers in the U.S. after "Tangerine" (2015), "Starlet" (2012) and "Prince Of Broadway" (2008). He wrote The Florida Project with his frequent collaborator, Chris Bergoch, and shot the film in 2016 in the neighborhoods around Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.