Broadcast News meets The Firm in this powerful portrayal of the corporate manipulation of broadcasting. Sophie (Glenda Jackson) is a documentary-maker who campaigns for the little guy. When idealism alone proves too weak to tackle the intrigue behind a Welsh farmer’s eviction, she turns to O’Mally (Jon Finch), a man with the tenacity of an investigative journalist and links to the criminal underworld. Their search reveals a conspiracy to turn the beautiful Welsh valleys into a nuclear nightmare. But as they are about to expose the truth, the backhanding bureaucrats step in with the censor’s gag. A taut political thriller, Giro City runs at breakneck pace right up until the final frame.

Director Karl Francis

Writer Karl Francis

Cast Glenda Jackson, Jon Finch

Producers Sophie Balhetchet, David Payne

Production Credits Silverealm Ltd, Channel Four Films, Rediffusion, Affinity

Karl Francis

Festival Section Year Location
Bergamo Film Meeting