A film concerning the miracle that everyone is talking about – the Alice MacKenzie miracle. But Victor Mathews has his own ideas and his own miracles. Vic Matthews, a teacher at the Blessed Edith Semple School, gets caught up in miracle fever as the school chaplain campaigns to get the Blessed Edith raised to Sainthood. Vic believes that true miracles lie in the day by day progress he makes with his remedial pupils – but a series of strange events begin to make him wonder.

Director Charles Gormley

Writer Charles Gormley

Cast Tom Conti, Helen Mirren, David Hayman

Producers Michael Relph

Production Credits Clive Reed - Associate Producer, Ann Skinner - Executive Producer, Channel Four Films, Island, National Film Finance Corporation (NFFC), Skreba Films

Charles Gormley

Festival Section Year Location
Taormina Festival