A film about the young Scottish community in Glasgow’s Drumchapel district reflecting ancient Highland traditional story of mystery, jealousy and revenge. Set in the world of Celtic Myth, Hero follows the heroic adventures of Dermid O’Duinne and Finn McCool. The two men became inseparable when Dermid’s prowess saves Finn and his men from danger on two occasions. However, this relationship is broken when Finn’s wife Grannia falls in love with Dermid when she sets eyes on him during the marriage feast. Through the couple flee, Dermid refuses to break faith with Finn until, finally, he has to choose where his loyalties must eventually lie. The world’s first feature film to be shot in Scots Gaelic was written and directed by Barney Platts-Mills

Director Barney Platts-Mills

Writer Barney Platts-Mills

Cast Derek McGuire, Caroline Kenneil, Alistair Kenneil, Stewart Grant


Production Credits Channel Four Films, Maya Films

Barney Platts-Mills

Festival Section Year Location
Venice Film Festival1982
London Film Festival