Meet Henry, Lord High Majesty of the Purple Hand Gang to his friends and Horrid Henry to everyone else. He’s forever waging a battle against the tyranny of adults, only this time it seems as though the adults really are out to get him! Based on the worldwide bestslling series of childrens books by Francesca Simon, this live action movie was released successfully in the UK in July 2011.

Director Nick Moore

Writer Tony Ross, Francesca Simon, Lucinda Whiteley

Cast Anjelica Huston, Richard E. Grant, Parminda Nagra

Producers Rupert Preston, Lucinda Whiteley

Production Credits Keri Atkins - Associate producer: for Novel Entertainment, Claire Barry - Animation Line Producer: for Novel Entertainment, Paul Brett - Executive producer: for Prescience, Caroline Levy - Co-Producer, Allan Niblo - Executive Producer, James Richardson - Executive Producer, Tim Smith - Executive Producer: for Prescience, James Swarbrick - Executive Producer: for Aegis, Huberta Von Liel - In-House Producer: for Vertigo Films, Mike Watts- Executive Producer, Nigel Williams - Executive Producer, Vertigo Films, Novel Entertainment Productions, Aegis Film Fund Hindsight (as Prescience)"

Nick Moore