Milton lives in a small town and is getting more forgetful and isolated with age. When an extra-terrestrial crash lands in his backyard destroying his beloved birdbath, the two form an unlikely bond. Milton and the space traveller, whom he names JULES, find comfort watching CSI reruns while Jules devours his favourite earthly treat, red apples. Things get complicated when his neighbours Sandy and Joyce make the discovery, as the government quickly closes in. Finding new purpose and courage, Milton leans on his newfound friends to help Jules, and ultimately themselves, find their way home.

Director Marc Turtletaub

Writer Gavin Steckler

Cast Ben Kingsley, Harriet Harris, Jane Curtin

Producers Marc Turtletaub, Alex Turtletaub, Michael B. Clark, Debbie Liebling, Andy Daly

Production Credits Big Beach

Marc Turtletaub