A story about a man, a woman and 400 old age pensioners by Alan Bleasdale. One group of pensioners are Catholic the other are Protestant. It’s Liverpool on New Year’s Eve. Mike (Michael Angelis) an ex-singer, takes over as manager of a seedy nightclub owned by local criminals and quickly discovers that his predecessor has disappeared, leaving him with a string of nasty surprises. with a cameo from Elvis Costello. Alan Bleasdale’s first screenplay and Peter Smith’s directorial debut.

Director Peter Smith

Writer Alan Bleasdale

Cast Michael Angelis, Avis Bunnage, Ray McAnally, Joanne Whalley

Producers Mamoun Hassan

Production Credits Michael Peacock - Executive Producer, Clive Reed - Associate Producer, Channel Four Films, Dumbarton Films, Lauron International, National Film Finance Corporation (NFFC)

Peter Smith

Festival Section Year Location
Bergamo Film Meeting
Toronto Film Festival
Valladolid Film Festival