One & Two is a look at the bond between siblings growing up in the confines of a world filled with dark secrets and little knowledge of life away from their reclusive family farm.

In the confines of their isolated world Zac and Eva live under the constant watch of a father that rules with strict routine and discipline. They live for nightfall, for moments of escape, and rely on each other for moments of levity. After a long dormant illness returns, their mother, once a beacon of light and joy, struggles to unite the family in an increasingly somber home. As their father searches for a divine answer to the heartbreaking circumstances of his crumbling world, Zac and Eva steal moments to explore burgeoning otherworldly abilities and to dream of a life free of limitations.

Director Andrew Droz Palermo

Writer Andrew Droz Palermo, Neima Shahdadi

Cast Kiernan Shipka, Timothée Chalamet, Elizabeth Reaser

Producers Matthew Perniciaro, Kim Sherman, Michael Sherman, Patrick M. Wood

Production Credits Protagonist, Bow and Arrow Entertainment, Melody Maker Productions & MMP Audio (Sound Post Production), Son of a gun Productions

Andrew Droz Palermo

Andrew Droz Palermo's first feature film, Rich Hill, followed three boys in his family hometown in rural Missouri, and won the Documentary Grand Jury Prize at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. One & Two is his narrative feature debut.