Intellect meets flesh in this opulent adaptation of The Tempest. The NY Times reviewer was present at the infamous screening of the first reel in Cannes “The reception was so enthusiastic that one critic suggested that Mr. Greenaway should scrap the rest of the film and just release this first reel. That’s not being quite fair. What we saw the other afternoon is dazzling…. glorious…..tumultuous visions, suggesting a great library of the gods as imagined by Renaissance painters”

Director Peter Greenaway

Writer William Shakespeare, Peter Greenaway

Cast John Gielgud, Michael Clarke

Producers Kees Kasander

Production Credits Philippe Carcassonne - Co-Producer, Christoph Hahnheiser - Assistant Producer, Masato Hara - Associate Producer, Michel Seydoux - Co-Producer, Denis Wigman - Executive Producer, Roland Wigman - Associate Producer, Allarts, Cinéa, Caméra One, Penta Film, Elsevier-Vendex Film Beheer, Channel 4 International, Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep, NHK, Pierson, Heldring & Pierson N.V.,Palace Pictures

Peter Greenaway

Festival Section Year Location
Cannes Film Festival
Toronto Festival of Festivals