Justin Kurzel’s debut feature is as starkly confronting as it is beautifully controlled. Based on true events, the shadow of the Snowtown murders still looms larage in Australian society. 16 year old Jamie is a kid from the suburbs who desperately needs a father figure. What he gets instead is John Bunting, a charismatic presence who condenses all the hatred and grievance inside him and unleashes it in a cold fury.

Director Justin Kurzel

Writer Shaun Grant, Justin Kurzel

Cast Lucas Pittaway, Daniel Henshall, Louise Harris

Producers Anna McLeish, Sarah Shaw

Production Credits Robin Gutch - Executive Producer, Mark Herbert - Executive Producer, Carver Films, Screen Australia, South Australian Film Corporation, The Warp Films Australia

Justin Kurzel

Snowtown is Kurzel's feature directorial debut having previously won awards for the short film, Blue Tongue.