Eva (Odessa Young), a 19th-century widow is tasked with making an impossible choice when, in the middle of an especially cruel winter, a ship sinks off the coast of her isolated fishing post. Eva and her crew must choose to either rescue the shipwrecked or survive the winter with their last remaining food. Facing the consequences of their choice and tormented by their guilt, the inhabitants wrestle with a mounting sense of dread and begin to believe they are all being punished for their choices…

Director Thordur Palsson

Writer Jamie Hannigan

Cast Odessa Young, Joe Cole

Producers Emilie Jouffroy, Kamilla Hodøl, John Neville, Conor Barry, Tim Headington, Theresa Steele Page, Nate Kamiya

Production Credits Elation Pictures, Wild Atlantic Pictures, Ley Line Entertainment

Thordur Palsson