It was a perfect day for a dive. Clear sight, stable weather and an incredible, reclusive spot. Drew and May, sisters and experienced divers who share a close and complex bond, are excited as they marvel at this undiscovered underwater world. Their sense of wonder is interrupted when May is abruptly hit by a rock, which knocks off her goggles and leaves her shaken, but with only a small scratch.

However, the sisters’ relief is short-lived: the stone came from a landslide above the surface. Suddenly, countless rocks cascade into the ocean. May gets struck by the rockfall and is dragged down. Deep underwater, she is trapped by debris, unable to move. As dangerously low levels of oxygen and cold temperatures put May’s life at risk, it is up to Drew to fight for her sister’s survival. A frantic race against the clock ensues as Drew desperately tries to find help in the isolated landscape above water, whilst May, pinned to the bottom of the ocean, faces her own psychological battle as she confronts this devastating reality. Despite all her ingenuity and strength, Drew ultimately finds herself having to choose between putting her own life at risk or saving her sister

Time is running out.



Cast Sophie Lowe, Louisa Krause


Production Credits augenschein


Maximilian Erlenwein is one of Germany’s most renowned directors for elevated thrillers. His directing focuses on character-driven scenes smartly combined with suspense elements. His signature style can be easily recognized in his works such as the Netflix series SKYLINES or his last movie STEREO, which premiered at Berlinale and was theatrically released by Wild Bunch.

In his films, series and commercials he has proven how perfectly he can handle big and small crews and work with prominent cast. Anyone who has ever worked with him directly knows why - Maximilian Erlenwein is not only a very experienced diver but a true collaborator as well.