Nick has broken up with his girlfriend, Caitlin right after graduation. His friend, Shane brought him over to Giant Music Festival so he could get over her. On their journey to the festival by train, Shane tries to cheat the system by purchasing a child ticket. They then meet their new friend Amy, a non stop talkative Australian lady years their senior who has attended the festival for nine consecutive years. They try to trick the ticketing officer however this fails and they are ejected from the train.

They finally reach the event on foot. Unfortunately they meet Caitlin and another college mate at the event. Nick tries to win her back but she shows no interest. After having snuck out of the tent and surprising Caitlin and her sleeping partner, Pirate, Shane and Nick get kicked out from the group camping site. They reunite with Amy.

Shane who adores DJ Hammerhead is willing to meet and greet him backstage

Director Iain Morris

Writer Keith Akushie, Joe Parham

Cast Joe Thomas, Hannah Tointon, Hammed Animashaun


Production Credits

Iain Morris