Ewan MacGregor stars in Peter Greenaway’s torrid melodrama about the relationship between a young Japanese woman and a bisexual translator, both of whom make a fetish out of calligraphy , this is both esoteric, arthouse filmmaking and full of passion, jealousy and revenge. A lavish, sensual and endlessly fascinating film that almost fetishes fetishism, this is provocative in every sense. Variety says “an intensely rich experience, as exciting visually and aurally as was Greenaway’s extraordinary “Prospero’s Books”.

Director Peter Greenaway

Writer Peter Greenaway

Cast Ewan McGregor, Vivian Wu

Producers Kees Kasander

Production Credits Bob Bellion - Co-Producer, Terry Glinwood - Executive Producer, Jessinta Liu - Line Producer, Jean-Louis Piel - Executive Producer, Tom Reeve - Executive Producer, Denis Wigman - Executive Producer, Kasander & Wigman Productions, Woodline Films Ltd, Alpha Film Corporation, Channel Four Films, Canal+, Delux Productions, Euroimages Fund of the Council of Europe, Nederlands Fonds voor de Film

Peter Greenaway

Festival Section Year Location
Cannes Film Festival 1996
Edinburgh Film Festival
San Francisco Film Festival