A treasured violin touches many lives in this moving homage to the power of music. A large, varied cast and rich cinematography make this a memorable, elegiac film

Director Francois Girard

Writer Don McKellar, Fran├žois Girard

Cast Irene Grazioli, Carlo Cecchi, Samuel L Jackson, Greta Scachi

Producers Niv Fichman

Production Credits Daniel Iron - Co-Producer, Giannandrea Pecorelli - Co-Producer, Barbara Shrier - Line Producer, Rhombus Media, Mikado Film, New Line International, Channel Four Films, Canada Television and Cable Production Fund, Telefilm Canada - Equity Investment Program, CITY-TV, Bravo Arts Channel, Filmfonds, Wien, Sony Classical, Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, Red Violin Productions Ltd, Sidecar Films & TV

Francois Girard

Festival Section Year Location
Tokyo International Film Festival
Venice Film Festival
Toronto Film Festival1998