Breathtakingly beautiful story of a warrior in feudal India who defies his masters and flees across the Himalayas with this former brothers in arms in vengeful pursuit. Asif Kapadia’s multi-award winning directorial debut.

Director Asif Kapadia

Writer Asif Kapadia

Cast Sheikh Annuddin, Puru Chhibber, Irrfan Khan, Noor Mani, Anupam Shyam

Producers Bertrand Faivre

Production Credits Eleanor Chaudhuri - Line Producer, Elinor Day - Co-Producer, Mark Hubbard - Line Producer, Hanno Huth - Executive Producer, Paul Webster - Executive Producer, FilmFour, Senator Film Produktion, British Screen Productions, Les Productions Lazennec, Bureau, The Film Services, India Equinoxe

Asif Kapadia

Festival Section Year Location
Edinburgh Film Festival
Dinard Film Festival
London Film Festival
Rotterdam Film Festival