Variety says “Walking and Talking” is a glibly observant comedy about the anxieties of romance and the evolution of a female friendship. Written and cut with an eye more toward jokes than on developing much emotional depth, writer-director Nicole Holofcener’s first feature is boosted by uniformly droll lead performances as well as by impressively confident filmmaking savvy. ” ; NY Times says “”Walking and Talking,” acted winningly by its two blithe stars and by the men trying to get along with them, moves confidently toward a warm affirmation of its heroines’ lifelong bond. Stylishly and wittily, it also appreciates every bump in the road along the way. “

Director Nicole Holofcener

Writer Nicole Holofcener

Cast Anne Heche, Catherine Keenerk, Liev Schreiber

Producers Ted Hope, James Schamus

Production Credits Dorothy Berwin - Executive Producer, Scott Meek - Executive Producer, Channel Four Films, Electric, Good Machine, Mikado Film, Pandora Filmproduktion, TEAM Communications Group, Zenith Entertainment

Nicole Holofcener

Festival Section Year Location
Nantucket Film Festival
Sundance Film Festival