Adapted from JR Ackery’s acclaimed novel, We Think the World of You is a touching comedy of manners set in 1950s London. Frank Meadows (Alan Bates), a respectable middle aged civil servant in 1950s Britain, has been in love with Johnny (Gary Oldman) a young married working class man for years. When Johnny is sent to prison for petty theft, Frank assumes care of Johnny’s cherished German shepherd Evie, eventually channelling his frustrated love for Johnny into an overweening affection for the man’s dog.

Director Colin Gregg

Writer J.R. Ackerley, Hugh Stoddart

Cast Gary Oldman, Alan Bates

Producers Tommaso Jandelli

Production Credits Paul Cowan - Co-Producer, British Screen Productions, Channel Four Films, Gold Screen

Colin Gregg

Festival Section Year Location
Boston Film Festival
Chicago Film Festival
Fort Lauderdale Film Festival
London Film Festival
Toronto Film Festival