A touching parable on love’s capacity to triumph against adversity – a woman embarks on an affair with her son’s girlfriend scandalising but revitalising the claustrophobic Highlands village community in which she lives. Screenplay by Sharman MacDonald. / Time Out review: Robert Smith’s film is set in a tight Scottish coastal community. Annie (O’Neil), a woman who loves women, is daggers drawn with her mother Marguerite (Keith, a superb performance of implacable bottled-up fury). Annie is a child of her mother’s middle age, and Marguerite has laid out the corpses of all four of her brothers. At the centre of this intense, unexpected film, scripted by Sharman Macdonald and handsomely photographed by Witold Stok, is Annie’s son Angus (Rimkus), who has returned home from Edinburgh with his friend Sadie (Edney). The trouble is that Angus lacks mettle. He adores nothing so much as the sweet sound of his own singing voice. And Annie finds herself compelled to save Sadie, a fellow free spirit, from this fastidious young man.

Director Robert Smith

Writer Sharman Macdonald

Cast Colette O'Neil


Production Credits Channel Four Film, Frontroom Films Limited

Robert Smith

Festival Section Year Location
Reel Affirmations Washington
London Film Festival